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True story: When I was about 10 years old (1992) my mom took my little sister and I to McDonalds. We both wanted Happy Meals and even though we’re both girls my mom knew I always favored boys toys over the girl ones. So she had asked for a girl toy for my sister and a boy toy for me. When we sat down to eat we noticed that we were given 2 girl toys. Not even saying a single word to my mom I walked back up to the counter with my happy meal in hand and told the lady that I wanted a boy toy. She pointed to the fact that I was a girl. I said yes…I am a girl. But didn’t want the miniature barbie. I wanted the cool looking toy car. Again…she says ‘but you’re a girl’. And I’m here like…I don’t care. I want the boy toy. After that another woman, who I’m assuming was manager, asked what happened. I told her and she easily traded the girl toy for the boy toy. I said ‘thank you very much’ before looking at the other woman with a winning smirk and turning back to go sit my mom and sister.

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